Privacy Policy

Shop4wallpaper is an honorable organization that places an emphasis on the "confidential" in confidential information. Any personal information you provide to us is used only to improve your experience with Shop4wallpaper. We will not sell or share any of your personal information with anyone - period.

When you order, we need to know your name, email address, mailing address, credit card number and expiration date, so that we can fulfill your order and notify you of its status. When you contact us with a comment or question, we also request the basic information necessary to respond to you. We also give you the opportunity to respond to surveys and promotional features that we use to improve our service to you, and these surveys and features may request basic personal information that you may include in your survey response. We also monitor customer traffic patterns and site usage to help us update and improve the design and layout of our store.

We may use the information we collect to occasionally notify you about important changes we are making to our website, special offers, and special services we offer to our customers. If you wish not to receive this information, you may notify us of this via email, and we will avoid notifying you of this important information.


Shop4wallaper protects you in every way we can when you shop at our website. Internet security is a common topic in the media but, in fact, the internet is a very safe way to shop with your credit card, compared to other retail channels, including mail order companies. Of course, if you use a credit card for any retail purchases it is good to monitor your credit transactions on your monthly credit card statement, to assure you that only your credit card purchases appear on your statement; but it would be easier for someone to steal your credit card information from a carbon copy of a receipt than it would be for a thief to intercept an encrypted online transaction on a secured server with us. Many online merchants have processed millions of online transactions without any report of stolen customer information. We are committed to maintaining this excellent record by using security technology to ensure your safety.

When you order or access account information from Shop4wallpaper, we offer the use of a secure server. The secure server software encrypts the information you provide before we receive it. All of the customer information we collect is protected against unauthorized access. Shop4wallpaper does not rent, sell or trade your personal information to anyone. In the future, we may choose to share non-confidential information with only the most trustworthy of third parties, but if you wish for us to avoid sharing your non-confidential information, you may notify us of this via email, and we will avoid doing so. If you so notify us, please inform us of all email addresses you have used to contact us, so that we may thoroughly serve you in this way. We may provide aggregate statistics, sales and traffic patterns information, and other site information to only trustworthy and reputable third-party vendors, but we will include no information that identifies you personally.

"Cookies" are items of information that are stored by your web browser on your computer's hard disk drive. Any use of cookies by Shop4wallpaper does not contain any information that identifies you personally. Most web browsers accept cookies automatically, but can be changed so that they will not. Any cookies used by Shop4wallpaper are used solely to improve your shopping experience, but you can still use our website without accepting cookies.

So it is very unlikely that you will ever have information stolen or misused on the internet. Remember, too, that federal law protects all of your credit card purchases, limiting your liability to a maximum dollar amount in charges. The bottom line? You are in safe hands when you shop online with Shop4wallpaper.
By using our website, you consent to the collection and use of information by Shop4wallpaper as described above. We will post any changes to our privacy policy on this page to make you aware of what information we collect and how we use it. We invite your comments regarding our privacy and security policies and practices.