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We offer a variety of product types to meet a broad range of decorating needs, space requirements, budgets, and installation options. And we proudly design and manufacture all of our products in the USA.

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Shop4 Tella Murals

Tella Murals

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  • Our newest mural! Tella Murals are easy-to-install peel & stick murals that feature a rich, fabric-like material with a sophisticated feel. Versatile and contemporary, these murals can affordably liven up any space.
  • Special backing makes smooth installation easy
  • Removable and repositionable
  • Safe for walls - won't damage surface
  • Available in three standard sizes
Shop4 Pre-Pasted Murals

Pre-Pasted Murals

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  • Our standard mural. Designed for easy, one-person installation. Smaller sizes are printed in one piece, while larger sizes are comprised of a set of individual wallpaper panels that easily install side-by-side. See individual products for specific panel counts.
  • High quality pre-pasted wallpaper material
  • Wet-strippable
  • Samples available
  • Available in multiple sizes
Shop4 Easy-Up Murals

Easy-Up Murals

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  • Printed in one piece on premium heavyweight eco-friendly material. Installs in minutes with removable adhesive tabs. Can be removed and re-installed as often as you like.
  • No tools or trimming required
  • Safe for walls; removes in minutes
  • Completely movable and reusable
  • Available in multiple sizes
Shop4 Bliss Murals

Bliss Murals

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  • Our very best, top-of-the-line mural. Printed in just one large panel for a seam-free installation. Choose your material from these two commercial-grade, eco-friendly options:
    • Solara: A recyclable wallpaper with ultra-rich color and a thick, organic feel.
    • Vinyl: A recycled material with a soft texture and a low lustre sheen.
  • Please specify material choice when ordering
  • Shipped with a protective edge - trimming required
  • Dry-strippable; removes in one piece
  • One size: 4½ feet x 12 feet
Shop4 Mini Murals

Mini Murals

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  • Get large-scale impact at a fraction of the cost of a mural. Mini Murals are a generous 18 inches tall by 18 feet long! They're an ideal solution where windows, doors, and furniture would obscure a larger mural, and they feature a repeating pattern (most repeat at 18 feet), so they can be installed end-to-end to cover an entire room.
  • High quality pre-pasted wallpaper material
  • Wet-strippable
  • Samples available
  • Sold in 18 foot spools
  • Two spools are typically enough to cover most kids' rooms
Shop4 Minute Murals

Minute Murals

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  • The new decorating solution for small spaces, apartments, dorms, condominiums and more! These portable murals require no pasting - they hang just like a painting from decorative suspension bars.
  • Large-scale artwork printed on premium-grade mural material.
  • Completely reusable and portable - can be moved at any time.
  • Installs in minutes with no tools required. Shipped as a complete kit containing metal suspension bars, hanging hardware, and instructions.
  • Approximately 4 feet x 8 feet.
Shop4 Mural-Style Borders

Mural-Style Borders

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  • A dramatic break from everyday borders. Mural-Style Borders are panoramic in nature, featuring up to 12 feet of continuous artwork before repeating! Unlike traditional borders which have a smaller, repeating pattern effect, Mural-Style Borders tell a story around a room, with new imagery unfolding across your walls.
  • High quality pre-pasted wallpaper material
  • Wet-strippable
  • Samples available
  • Sold in 12 foot spools
  • Available in multiple heights
Shop4 SuperStripes


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  • Wrap your room in color with these easy-to-use stripes! Available in 9 and 18 inch widths, and offered in a wide array of vibrant colors. A quick and easy way to create stunning walls without the mess and hassle of custom painted walls.
  • High quality pre-pasted wallpaper material
  • Wet-strippable
  • Sold in super long 25 foot spools!
Shop4 FreeStyle Collection

FreeStyle Collection

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  • Our newest collections of peel & stick decals and pre-pasted borders are here! Sized and priced for today’s consumer, these trendy coordinates are fun and affordable complements to any room.
  • Peel & Stick Decals 11 inch x 54 inch sheet; multiple decals per sheet Installs in seconds; removable and repositionable Safe for walls - won’t damage surface
  • Pre-Pasted Borders 6 inches high x 12 foot spool Non-woven, easy to remove